A: An extra t-shirt and a water bottle is all you need. If you are under 19 you will require a guardian to sign our waiver. Please contact us beforehand to ensure we have a gi for you to wear.

A: Generally the answer is yes. Consult your doctor about any medical issues before training.

A: No. Please stay home if you believe you may be contagious.

A: Very high, please come to each class with:

1. A clean uniform

2. Freshly showered

3. Trimmed finger & toe nails

4. Fresh breath

5. Wearing deodorant

6. Free of any skin infections

Proper hygiene is a must to be a good training partner.  (showered, trimmed nails, clean uniform, teeth brushed)

Leave your ego at the door.

The hardest part of doing jiu-jitsu is getting to your first class. The rest is just putting in your time.

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